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Asphalt Drop

Asphalt Drop's Peripheries

Tracks performed live in studio to tape with Roland TR 808, Mini Moog, Roland SH 101, Yamaha CS01 II, Casio SK5 sampler and Casio FZ1 sampler x 3 and Nagra III.

Asphalt Drop, experimental electronic first full length album is entitled Peripheries, which came out in 2003 and received excellent feedback from within the electronic music scene in Toronto and abroad. Asphalt Drop was recorded over the years painstakingly spending months mixing and remixing as one can tell by very close listening. Gregory does not use pre-programmed sounds or any sounds found on conventional synthesizers except for some blatant Mini Moog bass and Roland TR 808, but rather samples his own homemade sound sources.

Apart from Asphalt Drop, Gregory simultaneously works on his other project: Cordova Brilliance which falls in the Shoegaze / Dream Pop genre.

Asphalt Drop records to analog reel to reel the ATR-60-16 Professional 1" 16 channel 16-track production recorder by Tascam. Asphalt Drop also uses the ARM TMP 2000 Dual Tube Mic / Line Pre Amp for warmth and clarity visit:
Big up to Patrick Holder of Teletech Pro Audio

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Analog reel to reel: RecordingTheMasters

Updated: July ,05, 2020